First realized during the art world paradigm shift of 2020, Step Mother Nature was created by artist Daniel A Bruce in an effort to foster a new sense of community among artists looking to go beyond traditional institutional structures. Beginning as an online venue, the gallery has continually focused on building engagement and archiving the works of its featured artists with individual and two-person curated exhibitions.

After a brief hiatus, Step Mother Nature has returned as a physical space in the Adirondacks. In this current iteration, Bruce creates a hybrid setting for the viewing and exploration of the gallery’s diverse group of artists through an ever-evolving curated group exhibition. Acting as a kind of continually shifting cabinet of curiosities, the space brings together 40+ international, national, and local artists in an ongoing conversation. Establishing this link between the material world and the global nature of the internet, Step Mother Nature acts as an anchor for an expansive conversation on the future of artistic practice.